Episode 96
Guest: Anabela Cesàrio

Episode 96: Implementing product operations w/Anabela Cesàrio

Mar 8 / Magnus Billgren
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Implementing product operations
We had spent months designing the new way of working and we had implemented a new system for a customer.
The next generation of product management was to take off. My colleague Erik was not convinced it would work: “The new product management will not succeed in the company. Because they do not have the organization to manage the systems and processes.”
His conclusion was that a Product team needs help in managing the support systems otherwise it will fail. He was right.
But a new breed of companies is growing. Companies where the Product is the engine of growth. And today the thinking of Product Op’s has emerged.
The Product Op’s is solving the problem of managing systems, tools, models, learning for the product team. Allowing product managers to focus on the product.
ProductOp’s is the magic that allows product teams to deliver great products over and over again.
Anabela Cesario is sharing her journey in implementing ProductOp’s at Outsystems and how they have increased product management efficiency by 30%!