Episode 98
Guest: Nick Coster

Episode 98: Product Market Fit w/Nick Coster

Mar 22 / Magnus Billgren
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Product Market Fit
There are product models that will always be relevant.
Product-market fit is one of them. No matter what happens in the world the concept is always applicable.
It is the word FIT that is the secret. It drives us into connecting our product development with the market need. And verifying it.
The concept is easy. And yet it is useable in complex environments.
One key issue is to define at what point (or points) we define the product-market FIT. Is it after an MVP? Is it after the first sold product?
And also how do we define it.
Nick Coster, from Brainmates (Australia), is one of the world’s best product thinkers. He guides us in how to use the concept of product-market FIT.
His words will accelerate your product growth!