Episode 99
Guest: Philip Grother

Episode 99: Why storytelling is important for product managers w/Philip Grother

Mar 29 / Petra Färm
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The Productbeats show could not be possible without our sponsors. This week we are happy to be partnering with ProductDock. ProductDock are tech experts in digital transformations, machine intelligence, and business processes focused on providing sustainable product development. Last week, Igor Rajnjak from ProductDock joined Petra to add some structure to the Roadmap jungle. So you don't have to. The video is now available and you can watch it here

Why storytelling is important for product managers
Let me tell you a story and not just any story, but our story: The ProductBeats story. 
The product landscape is ever-changing. For product people, it's a constant, overwhelming, and exhausting wave of challenges. We understand, this is not sustainable, physically, emotionally or mentally. So, during the toughest of times in the history of the world, as a company, we made a bold decision to design a new business model. And as a new brand, we made a declaration to journey next to product people as a companion, an expert guide.  
Our symbol, the "P," does not stand for Petra as one might think. It stands for our promise to empower thinking toward excellence. To be supportive and dedicated to sustainable growth for products, people and their companies.
To Product People, we can say
We are here for you.
We are Productbeats, your sidekick.
We feel you.
And we bring you the current best thinking out there from our fellow product peers. And today was no different when amazing Philip Grother joines us to share all his secrets on storytelling.
Philip, it was great having you on the show!