Ethical Design Assessment

Making ethical design more tangible and objective
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accelerate the process and guide businesses toward actionable steps


Gain insights and tools to help businesses improve customer loyalty, employee happiness, cost efficiency, and sustainability. Ethical design is a long-term investment that can lead to sustainable profits and positive impacts.
This Instant Solution with Trine Falbe on how to do an Ethical Design Assessment contains five sessions:

  • Session 1: The context of Ethical Design and the reasons why it should be done
  • Session 2: Understanding the three principles of ethical design
  • Session 3: Evaluating different dimensions of ethical design and generating ideas for improvement
  • Session 4: Make it actionable by prioritizing the risks and challenges
  • Session 5: What other Product Experts think about Ethical Design Assessment (coming soon)
Evaluate the key dimensions of ethical design using eight specialized scorecards:
1) Data collection 5) Governance
2) Data storage 6) Business
3) Data processing 7) User involvement
4) Communication 8) UX/UI
Accompanying videos provide step-by-step guidance on effectively utilizing each scorecard, allowing you to comprehensively assess your ethical design practices.