Extreme Backlog Cleaning

Adding by Subtracting
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Take control, guide the Product to success 

Spend no more than 4hr/week working with your Backlog

The Product Backlog is the home of the Product, and when you get that messy it will simply get in the way of getting the job done, that is creating value. All your energy should not be in the Product Backlog. This solution will empower you to take action to keep your Backlog lean so you can focus your time on creating value.
This Instant Solution with David Pereira on how to clean your Backlog contains five sessions:

  • Session 1: The context of Backlog cleaning and the reasons why it should be done
  • Session 2: The activities you can do to clean your Backlog
  • Session 3: Creating a Lean Product Backlog Management process
  • Session 4: Maintaining and making your Product Backlog shiny
  • Session 5: What other Product Experts think about Product Backlog cleaning
Sessions 2-4 are structured as follows: 

  • Understanding what it is
  • Common traps to avoid in the process
  • Strategies or ways of getting it done effectively 
  • Some hacks for optimizing the process 
  • Reflections and exercises for reinforcing the learning
  • References for you to use for further study or application