Running Scrum Meetings

w/ David Pereira

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Manage all your SCRUM meetings like a Pro

Unleash the full potential of your Scrum process with our expert guidance! Elevate your role from administrative tasks to creating products you'll be proud of. Discover how Scrum meetings bridge your product strategy with real-world implementation, shaping critical decisions for your product's evolution.

Inefficient Scrum meetings can lead to significant costs and missed product opportunities. Join this sessions to learn how to safeguard the value in your Scrum process. Elevate your team's output without increasing costs, ensuring maximum impact for your efforts. Elevate your Scrum game and drive unparalleled value delivery!
This Instant Solution with David Pereira on running scrum meetings contains five sessions:

  • Session 1: the impact of running effective scrum meetings
  • Session 2: Backlog refinement meeting
  • Session 3: Sprint Planning
  • Session 4: Sprint Review
Sessions 2-4 are structured as follows: 

  • Understanding what it is and what shall we deliver
  • Common traps to avoid in the process
  • How to run the meetings
  • Some hacks for optimizing the process
  • Reflections and exercises for reinforcing the learning
  • Exercise to make it happen
  • References for you to use for further study or application

David Pereira

The Brazilian in Germany with over 50.000 followers

  • One of the world's most influential product leaders
  • A global experience in Agile Product Management
  • CPO of omoqo in Germany
  • David will make you think and act with his provcative thinking

David is one of the 20+ Productbeats instructors.
"Move away from boring meeting routines to energetic exchanges"