Ericsson: Design Thinking in Product Management

Design Thinking is a valuable tool that challenges Product Managers to think outside the box and craft products that truly resonate with their customers. Find new ways to foster innovation, improve teamwork and in the process create a better fit for your products in the market. Design Thinking takes an “outside-in” approach where the development of the product follows the needs of the customer.
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Through a blended format of lectures and hands-on seminars, we will explore the 5 stages of the Design Thinking and how to apply them to a Design sprint. The workshop will enable you to understand:
  • how to identify the needs of user and design an appropriate solution,
  • how to leverage the solution to make it technically feasible, and
  • how to package the overall solution so that it’s economically viable.

This workshop provides several networking opportunities among the participants during the sessions.

You will learn
  • The Design Thinking process and how to structure development into Design sprints
  • Ways to empathize with customers and develop their needs into valuable insights
  • How to use rapid prototyping techniques to design effective solutions
  • How to evaluate solutions based on addressing the needs of the customer

After the workshop you will be able to
  • Understand Design Thinking and be able to implement a Design Sprint
  • Know how to integrate Design Thinking in Product Management

Designed For

  • Product managers
  • Product owners
  • Tech people and Project managers

All the trainers are experienced Product Managers with successful track records - generating billions of Euros in sales and profit.

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