Ericsson: High Performance Product Management

Specific program for Strategic Product Managers and similar positions in Ericsson.
Some product managers are able to continuously achieve fantastic outcomes while others continue to struggle. Is it just luck? Or maybe they have identified the secrets of Great Product Management! We state they have reached the level of High Performance Product Management, enabling them to direct the organizational power into their products and services. Learn from success and failures, get tools, build knowledge and reach for High Performance Product Management.
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Connecting the Dots
  • Master the ability to craft products that truly resonate with your customers
  • Acquire the capabilities to explore new Product Strategies to future proof your business
  • Understand the market; leverage new ways to develop insights and position your products for success
  • Learn to orchestrate beyond your teams, beyond your enterprise and gain an industry wide prospective

  • Leverage market insights to craft Executable Strategies
  • Create effective Value Propositions to grow your Product beyond
  • Utilize Design Thinking techniques to governing your Product teams
  • Re-examine Business Models through a variety of tools to ensure your solving the right problems

Program Design
  1. This is not your typical training; we utilize a full 360-degree framework from the start. 
  2. We spread out the course over a month, to minimize disruption to your daily activities.
  3. Post-program, you maintain access to a peer-to-peer support team as well as personal coaching.

Collaborating Your Future
  • Gain access to a dedicated Tolpagorni mentor for personalized coaching
  • Develop a long-lasting professional network that you can carry forward


Registration in ITM/ Learning. Always remember to get confirmation from your manager before signing up for any courses.

Designed For

  • Product managers
  • Product Directors
  • Business Development


The training is provided by Tolpagorni Product Management, a specialist company focusing on High Tech Product Management. Magnus Billgren, founder of Tolpagorni®, creator of the “High-Performance Product Management Model”, founding member and fellow at International Software Product Management Association, is a specialist in high tech product management.

Ph.D. Petra Färm, a Strategic Product Expert and Technology strategist at Tolpagorni® with experience from Designing, Developing and rolling out products in deep technology arenas. She has a PhD in electronics and research experience from Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) and CadenceLab Berkeley. She is one of the creators of the Product SoundTrack and SpeedLayer Concept.

Adrienne Tan, co-founder of Brainmates, a foundation of the Product Management world. She brings design thinking into the Product Management way of working. One of the world’s most influential Product Management Experts, for a reason.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Tony Gorschek, BTH is ranked as number one in Europe and number six in the world when it comes to research in Software Development. Tony is one of the main reasons for this. He is a specialist in Value driven development. He is connecting research with his pragmatic experiences from running five companies.and

Jonatan Stenson, Rock star