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The open Program for Ericsson


Welcome to the Cohorts for The Productbeats Program! This is your opportunity to unlock your potential in product management and achieve professional growth. Join our diverse community of learners and gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of product management.

The Productbeats Program is designed to empower product managers and aspiring professionals with the tools and strategies necessary to drive product success. Through a comprehensive curriculum, practical exercises, and expert guidance, you will develop a solid foundation in product management and enhance your decision-making abilities.


You’ll experience a dynamic, multi-modal way of learning. You'll get exposed to the latest research, tools, and knowledge shaping the industry. You’ll have the capabilities to shape product thinking within your organization and industry. We guarantee you’ll have...  

  • 5 ideas to make your product more desirable         
  • 5 ways to speed up your product work         
  • 5 alternatives to improve your product planning process         
  • 5 new product friends         
  • 5 profitable actions that will out value the registration fee.


Week 1 - Product Growth w/ Executable Strategies

  • Growth Strategies
  • How to build an executable Product Strategy
  • Establishing your Product Performance

Week 2 - Product Action No Matter What

  • How to work in your Ecosystem
  • Building Insights
  • Designing your Product Business

Week  3 - Evolve your Craftmanship – Product Planning

  • Creating desirable products to be proud of
  • Product Planning Approaches 
  • Roadmapping
  • Product Life Cycle Management

Week 4 - Evolving your Product Leadership

  • The new product leadership
  • Building customer journeys to rally around

Week 6Succeeding w/ Product Thinking

  • Product Thinking                          
  • The secret sauce of Speed layers
  • Your reflection on Product Success


  •   Broaden knowledge of Product Requirement Engineering, Release Planning, Road-Mapping and Product Life Cycle Management.
  •   Master the fundamentals of creating Product Strategies.
  •   Adapt Strategic Management connected to Corporate Strategy, Portfolio Management, Innovation and Resource Management for Marketing and      Product Analysis.
  •   Orchestrate Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Service and Support, and other SPM Units to better guarantee product              success.