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During my studies, I spent one year digging into the world of Philosophy. I never thought that I would learn ways of thinking that would help me create products faster and better. But I did. And to my big surprise, I see how today's agile methods are the thoughts of HEGEL. Friedrich Hegel was a German Philosopher from the early 19th century. He described the history and the world in new ways changing our way of thinking forever.

One of the most revolutionary thoughts is the concept of Hypothesis. He created what has been known to the world as Dialectics. We create a HYPOTHESIS, challenge it with an ANTI-THESIS, and create a SYNTHESIS. Some would call it an AGILE way of working. Then Hegel should be named the father of Agile methodologies.

Hegelian dialectics can be used on a thought, in a process, on your strategy creation and DevOps work. You can use it every day where you strive to accelerate your thinking.

Attached are:
  • The summary of Hegelian Dialectics
  • How hypothesis helps you develop the right product
  • Agile strategy creation with hypothesis experiments
  • DevOps with hypothesis
If we ask people, "What Value do you deliver?", everybody would probably propose a valid, but slightly different explanation. As a consequence of that, we could have many potentially useful definitions of the Value. Most descriptions would be able to stress different aspects of Value and would approach the word from different angles.

Value concepts are, however, often severely designed and rather useless. Especially if everyone has their own. Groups turn the value-work into details or a philosophical discussion and not into a business driver. To execute a value strategy, and truly leverage the powerful concept of Value, we will need principles and directions. We need to be concrete. We need to have principles. We need to have established ways of working.

The work by Christensen et al. in "The Innovators Dilemma" and Tony Ulwicks' work on "Outcome Diven Innovation" form the basis for a new Value-era.

The Value Era has been crowned by the models from Strategyzer and Alexander Osterwalder in the "Value Proposition Design" model. It truly helps us in becoming explicit in our Value Proposition.

It is a perfect start and ending for the Value work. Combine it with Resonating focus, Driving Forces, and Target Market Design, and you are set to go!
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