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Let the Problem lead your way to the Solution!

10 years ago a manager told me - why do you see problems all the time? Be positive, call it an opportunity! Let us focus on the product we are to develop instead. Problems bring so much bad energy to the table. She was right, but, she was also wrong.

Today, problem design is sweeping through the Product Management arena. The latest models are not about designing a solution, but rather on defining the problems worth solving. Focusing on the the needs of the consumers. That's why we need to prioritize amongst problems, not in solutions. Understanding the true impact of the problem, means we can solve almost anything, when pinpointing the right definition.

You might think it’s a game of words. But it is part of a bigger wave of thoughts that consists of design thinking, true customer insights and business thinking. We have a reached a tipping point where customers are not looking for additional functions and features, but are trying to solve real problems in their situations. By using a problem driven design you allow sales and marketing to find the competitive edge.

It is important to consider the long term thinking. The Problem Design driven methodology tend to focus on today's problem. You need to add also long term thinking via Driving Forces or other insight tools.

Attached are:
  • An overview Problem Design
  • Thoughts on how to create a Problem statement
  • A workshop technique and process for getting the job done

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