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I was introduced to a man called Ulric Brandt in 2015. He had spent almost his complete professional life in creating and managing Partnerships. I was blown away by his skills in developing successful and sustainable partnerships—but even more inspired by the value of Partnership in today's Ecosystem markets. We discussed partnerships primarily in developing and integrating products.

We were so inspired that we created a conference with the theme "Product Partnership". We started researching Partnerships. Even though we recognize the importance of Partnerships, we couldn't find a lot on it. Surprisingly limited research has been done in the area. We have learned to compete but not to collaborate in our university courses.

The partnering fundamentals is built on two key elements:
  • The House of Partnership
  • Partnering Zone

The House of Partnership contains four areas:
  1. Trust - on which the partnering is built - and maintained.
  2. Goals - that are common
  3. Activities - for all actors (including governance of the Partnership)
  4. Economy - that is shared

Every Partnership shall contain these four elements.

But the Partnering Zone must be defined before we regulate the collaboration. In what areas are we to collaborate? We can (and often do) compete in other areas.

Attached are:
  • Description of the Tool Partnering fundamentals
  • New to Partner PM - Managing partners and an integral part of your Product Management
  • The Fundamentals of Alliances - Primarily focused on Sales and Marketing

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