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I ran a sophisticated software development program back in 2005-2006. The team integrated 13 software applications, and we built a new one on top. The solution communicated with factories in 5 countries. Three projects had failed before it was handed to me.

After three months, we had a working prototype; 8 months later, we had a fully commercial product and customer-leads providing a 25% potential growth. (approx 1bn SEK in leads). During the project, we never lacked critical resources or attention.

A key parameter for the project success was how we worked with Stakeholders. We analyzed stakeholders and secured their participation throughout the project. We build an internal communication plan based on the status of the project and the
stakeholders' interests.

We planned for success TOGETHER with our friends and reached it.

The Power Interest Grid is a tool to structure and reflect on your stakeholders. They are essential for your Product Success.
Attached are:
  • Summary of the tool
  • Stakeholder Engagement - by Roman Pichler
  • What is the Power Interest - an explanation of the tool

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