Tool #25

Do you want to get better ideas from your workshops? Do not hesitate - try Crazy8s!

When I was exposed to Crazy8s a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with the process and tool. Since then, we use it continuously in many different environments and situations.

The tool accelerates creative thinking while structuring it! And it always provides excellent results if the exercise is adequately led. The power of Crazy 8s is in the "Moments of Clarity." If you can establish the right attitude and focus, you are there. Before you start the creative process, mental preparation must be done to enable the participants to focus.

The sketching process is simple to run. And you will quickly generate breakthrough ideas. As always, the work is not really in the ideation but in the selection and refining process. In fact, this community and the Toolbox itself are results of Crazy8s workshops in contributing to the Product Community.

Attached is not only the process explained, but also a practical guide in how to run the session remotely.

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