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We have been taught that quality needs time. However, some processes need focus to reach quality. The Design Sprint is built on FOCUS and delivers quality in an accelerated manner. The key to success lies in the intense collaboration between participants. The Design Sprint is a structured format over 4-5 days. Everyone who has been involved in Design Sprints is amazed. We can create great stuff in just a few days.

The output from the design sprint can be used to initiate a development activity, change the direction of a product, or add more input to ongoing work. It can be applied to new ideas or evolving an existing product (which will be more challenging.)

There are three significant risks in running a design sprint:
  1. Getting the right people involved and receiving their undivided attention for the sprint - the right people are often occupied
  2. Setting the starting point for the sprint - A design Sprint can quickly run into the wrong direction
  3. The moderation of the process - disciplined guidance with energy and enthusiasm is needed

The concept of a Design Sprint can be applied in multiple activities. At Uber, the use of sprints for creating Market Insights. In one of the attached documents, it is used for brand positioning.

The fantastic book by Jake Knapp is a must for everyone who plans to run a Design Sprint. Numerous youtube movies will also guide you in the process.

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