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I need your help. An excellent friend and one of the smartest Product Marketers has promised me a night out if:
I can find B2B Values that are not one of the four Value Types, as defined by Prof. James Anderson (and where my friend was part of the research team).

Value Types is a beautiful tool to discover and define the Value you deliver in a B2B environment. We need structures and models when we are working with Value Concepts. Value is such a difficult and challenging concept. Tools like Value Types will save you time and frustrating discussions. Use the tools search for Values you are delivering.

Remember 1: Values are seen from the customer perspective. You need to step into the role of a client to discover the Value they are experiencing.

Remember 2: Value must be compared with the alternative. There is always an alternative solution that can be used instead of your product.

Remember 3: You can and will always deliver negative Value. (A new function might add opportunities for a Revenue increas while making the product harder to use, hence increasing cost.)
Roman Pichler brings clarity of thought and simplifies Product Management. At Tolpagorni, we often use his book STRATEGIZE in our training as a reference. I had used the Vision Board in a case with a relatively simple hardware product. It was perfect. Everyone in the team understood it. It was easy to use and to share.

In another training with numerous individuals from the telecom industry, I skipped the Product Vision Board. The products were filled with AI hardware, software, and algorithms. I felt the PSV simplified the strategy too much.

After the initial training, I coached the senior Product Managers on their plans and strategy. Many had found the Product Vision Board and started using it.

"It was exactly what I was looking for."
"I could immediately use it for a workshopped I had planned."
"It supported communication with my stakeholders."

The product Vision Board simplifies the strategy - and that it the strength of it. Keeping it simple.

Product Vision Board - another great product tool developed by Roman Pichler.
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