Tool #34

Tikka Jalfrezi was on the plate, turning cold. Andrew Craddock (one of the creators of DSDM, and the director of Agile Business Consortium) shared his love for MoSCoW. Not the city - the prioritization model.

"It is so easy and quick to use, and still it gives you a qualitative prioritization," Andrew stated.

"But, Andrew, isn't it a little bit old and too easy?" I asked. I used the model in the 90s, and I had almost forgotten about it.

"No, is adaptable. You can work on the definitions of Must, Should, Could, Won't, and it will always fit." Andrew responded.

As Andrew and I continued the discussion throughout the dinner, dr. Petra Färm rolled her eyes.

Andrew shared defining the levels, iterating the result, eliciting the requirements, and how it ties together.

As I returned to Sweden, I tried it out with one of our clients. "Let's do an experiment," I said. And the experiment worked.

The MoSCoW model for prioritization is not dead. It works. It is adaptable and has the depth to fit your complex environment. Spend some time to GROK the LOGIC of the MoSCoW model and process and you will see its value.

Attached are the summary of the tool and two articles on the tool and how to use it.
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