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Our good friend and Product thought leader Ken Sandy shared some interesting statistics with me: "57% of the features in a software is not used!" "OMG!!" was my response "...and a regular user only uses 15% on average of the functions," he continued.

Ken referred to research performed by MIT in 2017. This is not a development problem. This is a product problem. If we guide development teams to develop functions that are not being used, we waste time and money. Since all of us have limited development resources, WASTE of development resources is the last thing we want to do.

RICE is yet one among other prioritization tools that can be really useful to avoid waste. It is rather intuitive while it does give a calculated numerical value. The model has two great variables that stand out: Impact and Confidence. That makes the model better than most.

Attached are: the tools summary, and two articles on how to use RICE in your daily work.

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