Tool #4

There is never a shortage of ideas or oportunities. But which ones are we to pursue? Can we use some metrics for evaluation? The Opportunity Scoring model is developed by Anthony Ulwick in his work with Outcome Driven Innovation. It is based based on the "Job To Be Done" methodology and how to deliver products that matters. You can use it to evaluate different opportunities based on two dimensions: Customer Importance (for getting the Job Done) and Customer Satisfaction (with his/her existing solution).

By looking at these two diemnsions we can identify Underserved Markets and real opportunities. You can use it to guide discussions and also as a basis for customer research.

Perfect for creating your roadmap and defining the order in your development.

Attached are three objects:
  • Opportunity scoring overview
  • Quantifying your customers unmet need ( Opportunity Scoring ODI)
  • Prioritization Techniques by Daniel Zacarias including Opportunity Scoring

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