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When I was at ABB, often I remember my inbox would be flooded with questions. Most of the questions were concerned about the features of the product and I had to think about the appropriate answer. I always thought about what were the values and the principles we wanted to convey through the features and how did this align with the strategy we were going for.

It was clear this was getting to be do much, I could not spend my entire day answering emails, and I found myself working longer hours to answer all the questions. Sure, I could take shortcuts and be brief with my answers but that would only lower the quality of the results. What could I do? How could I, and others Product Mangers like me, respond to all the questions in a quality way?

Suddenly I came across something and instantly I knew this would be the magic I needed to answer the emails with value and still have the time left in the day to work. The magic was Product Principles. Product Principles gave me perspective. With Product Principles I was not just responding to each individual email, I had a way to answer all the questions and still maintain a high quality. Product Principles is the secret sauce, it will guide you, it will keep you consistent, and it will connect the dots.

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