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We have always created prototypes, pilots, Proof of Concepts. Still, the MVP-thinking changed everything. The MVP is not an isolated activity or a prototype; it is a part of a bigger picture. The picture of speeding up product development based on insights. The MVP plays a vital role in the learning process. We need to understand the customer and stakeholder response.

MVP is a tool for feedback. This is vital for the usage of the MVP. It is not primarily a commercial product but a tool for feedback. The MVP generates a solid foundation to discuss and gather relevant feedback from users. Traditional prototypes focus on testing product functionality and technology. The MVP tests the critical components of your product business.

To achieve this, you need to challenge what MVP you are building. It can be an algorithm, a process, a price list, or the delivery of your product.

The MVP thinking gained traction from the book "Lean Startup" by Eric Ries. It is today used widely but not optimally.

Rethink and challenge the way you use MVP in your company. Are you testing the critical stuff in your business? Have you built a functional feedback loop?

Attached are:
  • MVP overview
  • Extensive presentation by Eric Ries on MVP
  • Puttin the MVP into a context and establishing a terminology

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