Episode 35
Guest: Melissa Klemke

Episode 35: Get It Done - Product Planning w/Melissa Klemke

Nov 24 / Petra Färm
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Get it done - Product Planning
Planning! Some of us are addicted to it and some of us wouldn't wanna be caught dead doing it. I'm definitely a planner and I plan my work in several layers and horizons. I do it for two reasons:

  1. To be able to handle the never ending inflow of new things to do

  2. To delivery with quality on time

A well known secret among us planners is ruthless prioritization. There will be things that you might do if you have time, they usually don't get done. And that's ok. Eventually, there will be some slow days, perhaps just after Christmas or in the summer when you'll be able to tick off some of those old chestnuts.

If we talk product planning wonderful Melissa Klemke from Elmo has created RTTOM - Really That's The Only Method. And from the name you can derive that's its all you ever wanted and dreamt of. It even comes with a template AND a checklist. A checklist! We will attach both the presentation and the template. And you can use the chat to evolve it, share your experiences and best tips and tricks.