Episode 9
Guest: Gustav Grenås

Product Roadmapping Secrets

May 19 / Magnus Billgren
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How to Create a Roadmap to Believe In
Roadmaps are one of the Product Managers' best and most used tools.

When you create a roadmap, all your stakeholders will look at it from different perspectives. They all want to get their problems covered in the plans.

The Roadmap will always be challenged by your stakeholders: 

Sales: Where are my key customers' demands?

Management: Why aren't we getting more done for all the money we invest?

Development: What about the technical debt?

Marketing: What are the key features we can market?

Key Customer: Please don't force me to move to another product!

We often see Product Managers changing the Roadmap to quickly because of the Stakeholders' pressure. And as often, I see Product Managers not listening enough to the stakeholders.

When doing Product Roadmaps, we have identified three essential aspects:

  1. Underlying Product Strategy - The Roadmap is not the strategy but the result of one!

  2. Process - the process for creating and updating the Roadmap including the tools used

  3. Scoping - What is the Roadmap describing? Portfolio, platform, features, services, or just one Product?
Gustav Grenås shared his perspective on the Roadmap: The Product Architecture. If you have been able to define your product architecture, it will be easier to create a Roadmap to believe in.

The thoughts on Product Architecture align with our experience on "SCOPING." The product architecture provides an excellent structure for the Roadmap, and it also defines the formula for long term profits. Product Architecture is significant for our planning and long term success. The Product architecture is as Gustav stated a great friend in doing the Product Job!