Episode 6
Guest: Ken Sandy

Episode 6: Product Requirement Specification w/Ken Sandy

Apr 28 / Magnus Billgren
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Product Requirement Specification
We had just entered the 21st century, and I read my first Product Management book. It had two long chapters on MRS and PRS ( Market Requirement Specification and Product Requirement Specification).

Since then, the term SPECIFICATION has not only been killed but also expelled from the AGILE community. So I was provoked and intrigued when Ken Sandy brought it back to life in his new book: "The Influential Product Manager."

In the chapter "Defining the Right Product" he talks about a Hypothesis-driven Specification. A new type of specification with desired Business Outcomes and Problems to solve. But why does he call it a specification? Well, the term was not killed everywhere, and it did fill a purpose.

There is a need for a starting point in all development. To stimulate creativity, we need a framework. If the Backlog and Roadmaps are independent objects, they will automatically introduce feature creep and slide away from the original goal. I admit. I have seen the sliding of features and teams prioritizing their backlog badly. Hence wasting precious development hours and throwing away potential revenues.

I do see a second life for the SPECIFICATION as an anchor for the Backlog and Roadmap.

Remember to buy his great book: https://www.bokus.com/bok/9781523087464/the-influential-product-manager/