Episode 38
Guest: Linda Krondahl

Episode 38: Next Gen Hackathon w/Linda Krondahl

Dec 15 / Magnus Billgren
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Next Gen Hackathon
Innovate or Die is a mantra often heard in management circles. It does create an issue for many of us product people. We love to innovate and deliver cool new products. However, there is an inbuilt conflict between Product Management and Innovation. Lots of my job as a Product Manager is on evolving the existing product and portfolio. I have a limited amount of time and resources to do innovation.

Sure we can carry out incremental innovation in our daily job where every little step and sprint is a part of a larger innovation movement. But how do I make a more significant innovative step?

Linda Krondahl at Things is running a concept called Innovation Challenge. Collaboration and how to co-create was the starting point for the project. THINGS have looked at different models and structures to create Hackathons' next generation that delivers actionable value. They call it the "Innovation Challenge." It is a three-month process that adds innovation to your product.

"You do not know where you will end up, but you will end up somewhere," Linda states. "The process will deliver innovation."

I love the concept, especially the part of the participants' price - it is about working with "YOU". Many start-ups are longing for the opportunity to get involved with great companies like Husqvarna, ABB, and NCC, and with "YOU"