Episode 16
Guest: Greg Prickril

Episode 16: Solution Management w/Greg Prickril

Jul 7 / Magnus Billgren
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Solution Management
This morning we talked about scoping the Product. Scoping the Product in Product Management is one of the most difficult yet most important tasks. Over the last years we have seen terms like Value Stream manager, Portfolio manager. PaaS business, Industry Experts and similar. they are all challenging and evolving the existing product management role. In a B2B environment we often provide solutions to clients. Soluitions that comprise not only of one but multiple products and is often delivered in a project.

Greg Prickril shared his thoughts on a new role called Solution Manager allowing the Solution to be managed and expanded.

There were many questions like:

  1. Could we say a solution is just a very complex product? :think:

  2. Is the ”solution” in your proposed “solution management” the same as the “solution architect” (which is a fairly common title for certain architects)?

  3. in a small B2B company (less than 80 persons) people wear many hats..... Better to increase system responsibility of the lonely PM or to lift it one level up?

  4. Is it a more marketing role, solution Management, or a like Head of products ?

  5. Can anyone think of a good translation to Swedish of “solution” in this context? I feel like “lösning” doesn’t really do it...

What are your thoughts on this?