Episode 11
Guest: Ken Sandy

Product Mindsets

Jun 2 / Magnus Billgren
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How to Think like a Product Manager
Over the years, I have met with thousands of product managers. I have seen some excellent product managers doing miracles with no resources. I have witnessed well-financed, and big product teams fail. What are the characteristics of a great product manager? With IBM, we created a model in three layers in how to grow as a product manager. Download the attached product Framework to read about it. Over the years, we have identified some behaviors such as identifying patterns (pattern recognition), the ability to use the strategy and to build genuine insights.

Ken Sandy added new perspectives on the Product Manager role and how to think like a Product Manager. In his book "The Influential Product Manager," written a chapter on the area, with four mindsets on the two axes. I truly appreciate the connection between mindsets and activities. It is not enough to say that we need to have different mindsets; we also need to when to use them.