Episode 49
Guest: Nadia Krogh Hedegaard

Episode 49: From Decline to Growth – a real life story w/Nadia Krogh Hedegaard

Mar 16 / Petra Färm
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Taking your product from decline to growth – a real life story
What can we as product managers learn from character growth as a film technique? You know the main character is going on an inner journey (sometimes outer as well) and through the learnings and experiences grow as a person. Like Sandy in Grease, Luke Skywalker or Elle Woods. Where is your product as a main character: stuck in the middle, beaten by competition on technology, thrown in as a lastminute thought in bundles?

All-in-all it might be time to rethink, reposition, repackage and possible revamp. Which includes building market and customer insights, creating a strategy and turn the whole ship around. It can however be extremely rewarding despite or maybe just because of all the blood, sweat and tears required.

A word of warning, you might lose your original customer base if you stray too far from where you were. If you used to position your product as a beer for hard-working men with dirty jeans and boots and now you would like to reposition your product to target urban women in their thirties you might lose some of those hard-working men who can’t relate to the product anymore.

Not that it happens to Sandy in Grease, Danny still wanted her.

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