Episode 53 
Guest: Karin Eklund

Human Relationships and Product

Apr 13 / Petra Färm
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How to use the science of human relationships to create lovable products
How do we form relationships with products we interact with? There are some great examples from autonomous vehicles like the smiling car who signals with a smile that it has seen you as a pedestrian and it’s safe for you to cross. Or the automated fork lift that is programmed to do random corny mistakes to be more loveable. I mean who loves someone who is absolutely perfect? Like John Legend sings “All your perfect imperfections”, the automated fork lift for sure takes the term perfect imperfections to the next level.

This translates to software systems as well, bring in a Copy and work on the language in the communication, you know menus, information, guidelines, instructions, error messages. What is the feeling you would like your product to give its user? Shall it ooze safety, security – we are there for you, have your back? You can trust us; we won’t do a mistake? Or a bit of soft humour, make you smile when you are interacting with the version control system for the umpth time that day?

Might be beneficial to reflect what feeling you would like your product to give and what it actually is giving? Are we building and retaining a relationship with our users? Is our product loveable?

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