Episode 57
Guest: Nils Janse

Episode 57: How to use a single source of truth to create shared understanding w/Nils Janse

May 11 / Petra Färm
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How to use a single source of truth to create shared understanding
My latest love in life is boundary objects or as I like to call them collaboration objects. They were apparently invented back in 1989: nothing is ever new. Recently they have gained much traction for new product development and one of our ProductBeats stars prof Guido Stompff has done quite some research on them during the last decade. Created to spur collaboration between parts of an organization that not necessary speak the same language, like development, design, sales, finance…

They should be hard, tangible artefacts targeted for collaboration and creation. Sometimes in flux, continuously adapted and never complete and sometimes fixed like standards. Could be prototypes. But also drawings, requirement specs or feature documents.

You can use them to achieve an objective, identify a problem, solve it. Once they have served their purpose bin them and move on to the next challenge. They are output, a means to an end. And they are hot. Hottest of them all (?) is the feature document. At least if you ask Nils Janse the author of “Epic Alignment”. You’ll find his presentation as well as a research paper from Guido Stompff in the download list below. Enjoy.

The ProductBeats Show could not be possible without our sponsors. For this episode we are happy to be partnering with Pendo again, who has released another e-book “How to become a data-driven product manager”. Gain new insights on what it means to be data-driven and how you as a Product Manager can not only make better-informed decisions but also drive new insights. This is a great read for those looking to expand their products while deepening the understand of thier customers.Download e-book: https://bit.ly/3h6cEwI
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