Episode 71
Guest: Yewande Oyebo

Episode 71: Wingin' it as a Project Manager w/Yewande Oyebo

Aug 31 / Petra Färm
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Many of the things I never want to be good at can be found on the list of activities done by project managers. I will never ever display any sort of skill in reporting, colorful status bars, or creating project plans...
But I have come to love project managers, especially when you work in large companies with reporting structures. And as a product owner/manager I made sure to work closely with my project manager ensuring that they had what they needed for success.
Someone who has wallraffed as a project manager is Yewande Oyebo. Today she told us all we product managers need to know from the other side.
There are two things I will take with me from today’s show.
  • Never come unprepared to a meeting. Always think about what you want to get out of it and what is the next step.

  • If you feel that you are drowning, people are chasing you, calling you. Take a step back and figure out how to manage your communication and your stakeholders.
Really loved this presentation. Thank you Yewande for sharing your insights with us!