Episode 75
Guest: Lech Guzowski

Episode 75: Building the Dream Team w/Lech Guzowski

Sep 28 / Petra Färm
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Building the dream team for product success
As Product Managers, we all have the dream of a dream team filled with the best of the best- superstars! But a team with all "Michael Jordans", would not be a dream team. It would be a nightmare. You need a "Scottie Pippen" and all the other great team players to win!

Lucky for me I was joined by wonderful Lech Guzowski today. He is an expert when it comes to teams and how you build a strong team. I enjoyed this presentation.

Could you imagine it has a lot to do with sociological safety? Well yes, BUT we have to be good at it to make sure everyone is heard. I also liked the social bullseye. Even though it terrifies me, I recommend you try it, if you are brave enough… you can find the self-led workshop here: https://www.human.pm/pb

Don't forget that winning teams are created by individuals who all bring something different to the table, just like Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. As product managers, we are at the center and it is our job as leaders to get the best out of them. To help us do just this, Lech gave us a great framework we can use, the coaching support matrix. Read more about it here:

Also, listen in to the after -after- after talk I had with Lech on his podcast, it gets even crazier I promise: https://www.human.pm/wegotthis/episode/1f5f5ef9/productbeats-after-after-show-with-petra-farm