Episode 75: Building the Dream Team w/Lech Guzowski

28 September, 2021 / Host: PETRA FÄRM

Insights for Product Success

Every manager dreams of assembling a dream team comprised of the best individuals. However, contrary to popular belief, a team filled with superstars alone does not guarantee success. Just like in basketball, where Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pippen and other great players, product managers require a diverse set of talents and personalities to achieve their goals. In this episode of The Productbeats Show, Lech Guzowski, an expert in team dynamics and workplace culture, shared valuable insights on building a strong and effective team. This article explores key takeaways from Guzowski's presentation and provides practical tools to help product managers create their dream teams.

The Importance of Sociological Safety

Guzowski emphasized the significance of sociological safety in team dynamics. While it may seem intimidating, embracing the concept of sociological safety is crucial for ensuring that every team member's voice is heard. Guzowski introduced the idea of the social bullseye, which encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and engage in open and honest communication.

The Role of Diversity in Winning Teams

Successful teams are not solely composed of superstars; they require a balance of various skill sets and personalities. Guzowski highlights the role of both rockstars and superstars within a team. Rockstars are individuals who possess solid skills and deep passion for their work, while superstars are high performers who constantly challenge the status quo. Recognizing and nurturing both types of team members is essential for maintaining a productive and harmonious work environment.

The Coaching Support Matrix

To effectively manage a team with diverse talents and skill levels, Guzowski introduces the coaching support matrix. This framework allows product managers to assess each team member's level of experience, skill, and enthusiasm. By plotting team members on this matrix, managers gain insights into the support and guidance each individual needs. Understanding these requirements enables managers to tailor their leadership style and empower team members to perform at their best.

Exploring the Human Connection with the Social Bullseye

Another valuable tool introduced by Guzowski is the social bullseye activity. By asking team members to position themselves on the bullseye based on their perceived connection to the team, product managers gain a visual representation of how individuals view their relationship with the collective. This exercise sparks conversations about team cohesion and allows managers to identify potential areas for improvement.

Embracing Leadership without Authority

Leadership is not solely dependent on formal authority; anyone can become a leader by taking initiative and striving to improve the team. Guzowski encourages product managers to recognize that their role as leaders involves making a positive impact on the team, regardless of hierarchical positions. Taking action and actively working towards bettering the team's dynamics and performance is what defines true leadership.


  • Diversity: Embrace diversity within your team to bring different perspectives, ideas, and approaches, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Psychological Safety: Create an environment of psychological safety where team members feel comfortable taking risks, sharing ideas, and expressing their opinions without fear of judgment or retribution.
  • Effective Leadership: Cultivate effective leadership skills that inspire and motivate your team, providing clear direction, support, and empowerment to achieve collective goals.

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