Episode 22
Guest: Darren Duarte

Agile Strategy Map

Aug 25 / Magnus Billgren
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Agile Strategy Map
McKinsey surveyed C-level executives in July 2020 on the effects of Covid-19 on their business. Over 90% believe the situation will change their business. More than 96% have already changed the go-to-market activities. A majority of the companies have defined a need to redesign the supply chain to support flexibility and risk mitigation (it used to be optimized on cost and efficiency.)

We are entering a time of uncertainty. How does this affect us, Product Managers? What artifacts are relevant to work with? Is the roadmap still appropriate? What does a strategy look like in these times?

Darren Duarte shared the concept of an Agile Strategy Map. A tool developed by Agile42 in Berlin. A foundation is the two areas of domains in which we act: One domain in which we can plan (Ordered Domain) and another domain (Unordered Domain) in which planning is complicated. The strategy in the Ordered Domain can follow a traditional way of working with a plan.

In the unordered domain, we need to find a new way of working. Darren shared the objects to structure strategic thinking:

  • Experiments

  • Necessary Conditions (NC)

  • Possible Success Factors (PSF)

By creating a double-sided strategy, we can handle uncertainties and dependencies.