Episode 30
Guest: Janne Lundberg

Everyday Innovation

Oct 20 / Magnus Billgren
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Everyday Innovation
I thoroughly love creating new products and features and guiding the development teams to create beautiful products. But, I have a problem (well, actually many, but let's limit it to one in this reflection): I often fall in love with my ideas. I quickly enter the Build Trap. Believing that more features and better quality always create better products (Melissa Perri has written an excellent book on the Build Trap subject.) We often start to focus on features and functions in product development. And it becomes even more challenging when working with existing products since there are so many stakeholders involved in our legacy. One issue is of course, the overcrowded backlog. We have elicitated so many requirements from clients and stakeholders. We need to challenge the backlog and the value it will bring to clients. And do we bring in great innovation to the product journey?

It is often hard to find the right structure for innovation and add value in agile environments working with established products. And still, this is what we have to do.

Janne Lundberg has guided four of the world's most innovative companies in creating and evolving products. His success is in the "Agile Innovation System".

The Agile Innovation System Janne has developed build on three speed layers:

  1. Knowledge - building insights and evolving disruptive ideas

  2. New product development

  3. Continuous development
These three speed layers are guided by Product Management and portfolio management. Product management shall drive input, and portfolio management needs to balance investments and the portfolio.