Episode 19
Guest: Fredrik Sandqvist

Resourceful Product Innovation

Aug 4 / Magnus Billgren
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No Resources? No Problem!
Having all the resources you desire means you do not have enough ideas!

We always lack resources. The backlog of important things to do keeps growing. We are continuously trying to innovate. 

I often get the question of how to balance the requirements & ideas with our resources. That will always remain to be an essential job to do. However, there is a chance that the question is falsely posed.

In all operations today, we work with Partners and value contributors in our delivery. You are never alone. Is can we find a better way to work with partners and involve them in our innovation? Yes.

Fredrik Sandqvist is the Head of Innovation at Coor Facility Management. Their strategy is built on collaboration and making themselves an attractive partner. They are today considered one of the leading Building Automation companies without having a development department!

COOR has under the innovation guidance of Fredrik double their revenues and tripled the margins. And it is all based on collaboration.

In your university studies you learnt how to compete, but have you had a training in how to collaborate?