Episode 17
Guest: Gayatri Gopal

Episode 17: Product Thinking in Healthcare w/Gayatri Gopal

Jul 14 / Magnus Billgren
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Product Thinking in Healthcare
The healthcare industry is one of the most exciting and important areas in the world. It is about saving lives and keeping us healthy. What can be a more rewarding industry to work in?

Even though the market is huge, it is exploding. If you want to enter the market or evolve in Healthcare, there are specific issues to remember. @Gayatri Gopakl shared some of her findings:


  • Technology is not the problem - it is not about technology innovation

  • Outcomes and values must be proven - risk aversion dominates

  • Steer Stakeholders and Sales over time - it is a long term business all stakeholders must be guided over time

The consequences for the product thinking are:
  1. Focus on First Principle - Product Compass

  2. Measure Outcomes not outputs

  3. Evolve Mindset

Questions @Gayatri:

  1. How do you work with customisation and lifecycle management of your products in your customer base ?

  2. The figure in one of the slides showed fear of success instead of fear of failure. What does that mean?

  3. Can you share any specific product in the context of your work with SAP and the outcome achieved?

  4. How do you keep focus - are there short term pressures too?
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In online learning, community participants create an interactive canvas of diverse reactions and feedback.
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Establish Instructor’s Presence

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