Episode 41
Guest: Jeff Gothelf


Jan 19 / Magnus Billgren
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I like Queen's Gambit - both the series and the chess opening "Queen's Gambit." Chess openings have funny imaginary names like Sicilian Defence, Stonewall, the Dragon, and the Calabrese Gambit worthy of their own TV-series.
A gambit in chess is where you sacrifice something to win a larger piece or getting in a position to win. Many chess players get fooled and focus on winning a pawn instead of winning the game. We must always keep our focus on the objective. Checkmate!
As I went to school, we learned about Management by Objectives. I still like and appreciate the thinking. But I adore the Execution by Objectives instilled with OKR:s (Objectives and Key Results).
Jeff Gothelf shared his thoughts on making the concept work and claimed it is the key to Agility. The OKRs are not just a way to measure the business. It is a way of executing the business.
In his presentation, he shared the fundamentals of OKR:s, its rationale, and the critical areas for succeeding with it. Concrete advice on setting Objectives, how to formulate Key Results, and how to implement them in your organization.
Personally, I love the thinking of redesigning DONE after the OUTCOME we are striving for.