Episode 47 
Guest: Sreemati Lalgudi

Episode 47: Low Effort – High Impact Prioritization w/Sreemati Lalgudi

Mar 2 / Petra Färm
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Low Effort – High Impact Prioritization
The art of prioritization or the art of saying no?

Sometimes it seems that the hardest part of prioritization is saying no. The very thought that some things will not be done at all can get prioritization discussions to drag on forever and a cold sweat to break out on the product manager’s forehead.

But have no fear, as one of the principles in Design Sprints by Jake Knapp says – Getting Started beats Being Right!

With that in mind try and use the prioritization as a way to build collective focus. If you are 70% confident that you are doing the right thing, that’s good enough. Just do it.

Another interesting perspective on prioritization is that it is actually awesome that we have to do it! In general, there is always more product development to do then there are resources. If not, what does it mean? That no one uses the product, it is not loved, nothing more to fix, to evolve, to experiment with? Or are you in the claws of Parkinson's law? That “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".