Episode 48
Guest: Maria Engström Eriksson

Sharpen your brain

Mar 9 / Magnus Billgren
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Sharpen your brain
Product Management is a difficult role. It is a multidimensional challenge—we, as Product managers are leading the work. Staying sharp and making the right decisions every day is hard. In our work, we have identified three ways of thinking that keep coming back when working with successful Product managers:
1. Identify Patterns
Product management is very much about identifying the patterns of behavior, usage, problems, etc. We the product People look for patterns. That means that we can...
2. Scale
Scaling is an indicator of success. We need to identify what we can scale upon. What are the patterns we can scale upon? In problems, technology, behaviors. Patterns and scaling are challenging thoughts but are the essence of Product Management.
3. Using the magical Product Box
Attack a multidimensional problem is difficult. To align, everything is almost impossible. One way of handling it is to use the magical Product Box. A box with the critical parts of the strategy, the product principles, or the vision. A filter for your thoughts. We see that successful product managers have built their Magical Product Box for their context.
There is a Product Thinking behind success. Maria Engström Eriksson, an engineer by trade, has studied the brain and supported professionals in using the brain better.
She shared three areas for evolving your Brain and Stay Sharp:
• Focus - solve problems, learn something new, challenge yourself and others.
• Grasp the thought – play around with it
• Float - Let the mind wander, let go of all displays, do something boring, doze off.
• Enjoy the dance of thoughts
• Nua - Clear your mind, be present, be aware of your breathing, pay attention to your senses – see, hear, smell, taste, feel.
• Let go of all thoughts.
Attached is the Presentation from Maria and the Graphical recording.
Evolve your Product Thinking and reach success!