Episode 60
Guest: Oksana Krykun

Episode 60: Knowledge for Product Success w/Oksana Krykun

Jun 1 / Magnus Billgren
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Knowledge for Product Success
We believe in Knowledge. Our business is built around knowledge. We continuously research, learn and test knowledge. Our business is built on offering knowledge in different packages, via training (productbeats.com) or consulting.

Sounds easy. But working with knowledge is hard. It is especially hard in the Product Space where the knowledge arena is wide and sometimes deep. We often discuss Product Management knowledge from three perspectives:

• How do we structure the knowledge we need?
• How do we fuel a team (and individuals) with knowledge?
• How do we support the use of knowledge?

Knowledge is worthless if it is not used. The value is in the usage. So that is guiding us also in the structuring and fueling teams with data.

Oksana Krykun has been supporting 100s of Product Managers with the knowledge she has fueled product teams with knowledge and she shares her perspective on knowledge for success. She primarily looked at knowledge from the following angles:

• Type of PM (Tech, Strategy., Marketing)
• Maturity level
• Product Context

Based on them they can provide and fuel teams with knowledge.