Episode 15
Guest: Geof Ellingham

Episode 15: Agile Evolved w/Geof Ellingham

Jun 30 / Magnus Billgren
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Agile Evolved
Geof Elingham is a man of Agile Wisdom. He has researched agility. How is it implemented and what value does it bring? 90% of all companies have implemented Agile thinking but only 5% say agile is enabling greater adaptability. And when it comes to productivity, companies can show gains between 5-10% with agile working methods. The gains are not as big as we might think. Geof shared is thoughts in how Agility can evolve. He talked about Human Centered Agility. While we today have focused on methods and processes we need to bring back the humans. in the Agile Manifesto one of the core statements is: "People before Process".

Geof mentions three capabilities needed to improve Agility

  1. resilient

  2. adaptive

  3. creative

We can achieve them by evolving

  1. values

  2. behaviours

  3. capabilities (skills)

Geof also shared his thoughts on Purpose and Ideology as key for making human centered Agility to work.

Product Pinciples is a powerful concept for establishing a Product Purpose and Strategy.