Episode 18
Guest: Jock Busuttil

Episode 18: Measuring Product Management w/Jock Busuttil

Jul 21 / Magnus Billgren
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Measuring Product Management
As Product Managers, we always need to evolve in our role and learn more. In some of the Tolpagorni Product trainings, participants get to read "PEAK" by Anders Ericsson or "GRIT" by Angela Duckworth. They are bot about personal growth and how to become an expert in your role. The research is consistent; you need to take a big personal responsibility for your growth, and it is not about talent. It is about hard work. Anders Ericsson talks about 10 000h and Deliberate practice to evolve. And "GRIT" is about...grit!

But to evolve, we also need to know what we need to improve. Jock Busitti, author, speaker, and founder of Product People in the UK, shared his thoughts. in his work he looks as personal skills in three areas:

  1. Product Management Knowledge (models, tools, processes)

  2. Personal Skills (Interacting with stakeholders, communication, ability to tell a story,...)

  3. Understanding of adjacent functions (development, Sales, Budgeting,...)

NOTE_1: The assessment is to be used for developing individuals, not ranking them.

NOTE_2: Assessment is often done on three areas individuals, product management function, and product performance.

Based on this structure, Jock shared a model for assessing and supporting product managers to grow in their role.