Episode 36
Guest: Malin Svensson

Episode 36: Grow with Product DNA w/Malin Svensson

Dec 1 / Magnus Billgren
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Grow with Product DNA
Product Management is a relay. There are many handovers between different stakeholders. From market input to product management, from Product Management to development, from Product Management to product marketing.

At Elekta, they have developed a model and a structure for handling the handover between Product Management and Product Marketing. They call it Product DNA. Product DNA contains the core elements of the product value and its value logic.

"The Product DNA has made our product marketing more qualitative," states Malin Svensson, Head of Product at the Medtech company Elekta. "It has also made it easier to create new innovative marketing."

Product DNA is an exciting concept for making your product grow with the Core Values.

The tool of the week: #30 Value Types

Value Types are inspired by Dr. Jams Andersson, author, and researcher in B2B value.