Episode 50
Guest: Daniel Zacarias

Episode 50: Elastic Roadmaps w/Daniel Zacarias

Mar 21 / Magnus Billgren
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Elastic Roadmaps
Roadmaps are probably one of the most used Product artifacts. All your stakeholders are looking at the Roadmap. Sales wonders if the promised features will be part of the deliveries. Support is looking if the quality issues are being solved, development is concerned about the technical debt, and management is wondering, "Is that all?". The friendliest stakeholder is mostly your customers.

And then we know that everything is changing. New requirements enter the backlog, and some planned issues take a longer time than anticipated. Your stakeholders are bound to be upset. Suddenly we are spending a lot of time in Expectation Management.

Expectation Management is difficult and important.
But the solution might be in the structure of the Roadmap. Can we create a Roadmap that is more durable and useful even when things change?

Daniel Zacarias shared his concept on Elastic Roadmaps that provides a more resilient Roadmap. A roadmap based on outcomes, not output.

In addition to the presentation from Daniel the following tools are relevant:

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