Episode 55: IoT: is the hype over? w/Karin Edebo & Enjay

27 April, 2021 / Host: PETRA FÄRM

Discover the Transformative Power of IoT

In the latest episode of The Productbeats Show, Karin Edebo and Enjay delve into the world of IoT (Internet of Things) to explore whether the hype around this emerging technology has subsided or if it's just the beginning of a new era. As product managers themselves, they share valuable insights on why IoT is here to stay and how it is already an integral part of the digitalization strategies of various enterprises. With real-life examples and use cases, they highlight the immense potential and opportunities that IoT offers to businesses across industries.

The Growth of IoT

Karin Edebo, a product marketing manager at Tele2 IoT, asserts that IoT is not just a passing trend; it is a rapidly growing field that is already shaping the future of technology. With billions of devices connected worldwide, IoT is transforming the way we interact with our surroundings. From tangible products to mobile phones, IoT has permeated our lives and is becoming an essential aspect of digital transformation strategies.

Enjay shares insights revealing that a majority of enterprises, including both large and small businesses, have already adopted or plan to implement IoT within the next 12 months. This widespread adoption demonstrates the significance of IoT in addressing various challenges faced by industries across the board. Whether it's monitoring and tracking, predictive maintenance, or remote control, IoT offers solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity.

Use Cases

Karin introduces the concept of use case clusters developed by Tele2 IoT. These clusters categorize IoT applications into specific areas, such as monitoring and tracking, predictive maintenance, and remote steering. By grouping similar problems together, businesses can design comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs. Karin emphasizes the importance of understanding the challenges within an industry and leveraging IoT to address them effectively.

Enjay shares their experience implementing IoT solutions with a product called NJ that specializes in developing heat exchangers for polluted air streams. NJ aims to reduce energy waste in the construction industry and maximize energy recovery. They have combined hardware, including robust heat exchangers, with IoT connectivity to future-proof their solution. A challenge they face was in establishing a direct line of communication with end customers due to the construction industry's setup.

They emphasize the need for a flexible infrastructure to create programs and distribute them efficiently to their workers. As a cost-sensitive company, NJ emphasizes the importance of cost-efficient solutions without compromising on security. The collaboration with Tele2 IoT, who provided the necessary support and expertise to develop and test their IoT solution, has kept costs down.

As NJ progresses with their IoT project, Enjay mentions that they are at the "end of the beginning." They have successfully established a remotely accessible and secure solution for engineers to operate the machines and collect valuable data. This lays the foundation for future advancements in data mining and exploring the full potential of IoT in their industry.


  • IoT is here to stay: Despite the initial hype surrounding IoT, it has now become an integral part of digitalization strategies for enterprises across various industries. With the continuous growth in connected devices and the potential for data-driven insights, IoT offers long-term opportunities for businesses.
  • Use case clusters: Understanding the challenges you want to address is crucial when implementing IoT. Use case clusters provide a framework for organizing and packaging IoT solutions based on common problems. Whether it's monitoring and tracking, predictive maintenance, or remote control, identifying the right use case cluster can help drive successful IoT implementation.
  • Real-life customer success stories: Hearing from real customers who have implemented IoT solutions can provide valuable insights and inspiration. Customer use cases showcase the practical applications of IoT in solving specific business problems and achieving desired outcomes. By learning from these experiences, businesses can gain a better understanding of how IoT can benefit their own operations.

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