Episode 55
Guest: Karin Edebo & Enjay

Episode 55: IoT: is the hype over? w/Karin Edebo & Enjay

Apr 27 / Petra Färm
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IoT: is the hype over?
Let's talk about the future. Anne Skare Nielsen, a world famous futurist has some pretty interesting and thought provocative ideas about it. How about this one - maybe we (Generation X) are the lost generation? The Boomers took us out of poverty, rebuild the world after the wars. Made the future bright and shiny.

We are the first generation in the western world who will be worse of than our parents. Turned out that what was needed to lift us out of poverty and misery is not sustainable enough to guide us into the future. Maybe, just maybe we will not have what it takes to be able to find the path. With one foot in the past, we are perhaps not free enough to break with the legacy our parents provided us with.

Maybe it will be up to our children to create the sustainable, prosperous future every generation dream of. And our task is to pave the way for them. We need to help them succeed with what we can't do. Not by teaching them outdated business models or work processes but by believing in them and helping them to push the boundaries in all areas, to disrupt and evolve.

Let's see where the young generation will take IoT. Possible somewhere we can't even imagine...