Episode 59
Guest: Waad Fadul

Episode 59: Product Roadmaps w/Waad Fadul

May 25 / Petra Färm
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Product Roadmaps - What’s out there
Today we talked about failure. Failure is part of the learning process – a rather fashionable statement. We “just” have to own it and rethink. But here is the tricky part; If learning is part of the objective – do we really fail when we fail?

You could set learning objectives in your product releases, like in a roadmap with a very clear “What we want to learn” part. Brilliant and fully aligned with Design Thinking where we test and iterate in fast loops. Meaning that the product was not perfect from the beginning, but not a failure either.

Someone who is both a master at learning and has built up an extensive knowledge of Roadmaps is the brilliant Master thesis student Waad Fadul.

The big takeaway is to always start with the why. Why are we creating a roadmap? Who is it for? What problem are we solving? Then we move in to the solution. How are we going to do it? What process? What template? All we really need is a piece of paper to write it all down.  

Finish it off with an excellent quote from Waad:
“You can find hundreds of tools but what really matters is what YOU want from your Product Roadmap. How are you going to use it? Who is it for? It can be a simple excel sheet if it delivers. A specific tool that works for everyone doesn’t exist”