Episode 69
Guest: Thorsten Jonas

Episode 69: Digital Transformation w/Thorsten Jonas

Aug 17 / Petra Färm
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Digital Transformation
Digitalization, is has been going on for ages. If we zoom out it’s actually mind blowing what we have achieved. It’s more of an exponential change than linear.
I mean you can actually buy a train ticket or do you bank errands in the middle of the night. Wow, who would have ever thought that? When I was young there was a Swedish song about the banks. They closed at 3 pm and the song was about what happens at the bank after that. Are they playing roulette, making liquor, planning a coup…? But now we know what they do, they work just like the rest of us.
Now we have a digital native generation that does not even know how to do things in another way than online. And even more interesting, they have an entirely different perspective on time. More asynchrony and constantly flowing, you don’t have to decide a place and time to meet, you can just send a text when you’re ready.
Today we were joined by Thorsten Jonas on the show. When Thorsen was asked last year if he could help a company build an app for E-Scooters, he was excited about the idea of forming the digital component to an existing hardware product. He already had an idea that it will be more than „just an app“. But still he underestimated the challenges waiting for him along the way. Now, 9 months later, after many challenges have been overcome, he shared his learnings with us. Why it is totally different from working in an agency and on digital-only products. And why it is much more than”just building an app”...
I just need an app you know....