Episode 10
Guest: Petra Färm & Niklas Rosvall

Episode 10: Our Favourite Product Tools w/Petra Färm & Niklas Rosvall

May 26 / Magnus Billgren
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Product Management has a simple process. To quickly deliver value in Product Management, you need three steps:

  1. Analyze the context

  2. Choose the right tools to use

  3. Fix the problem

How hard can it be? Well, it can be tough and challenging because you need to:

  1. Be able to analyze the situation

  2. Have a toolbox

  3. And know how to use the tools

Product Managers in the early stages in the career have built one way of working within Product Management. They can be very successful in the job they have. But as you move to a new environment with new challenges, suddenly it becomes more difficult. The existing tools and way of working are not applicable in the new context.

To become a real Product Manager, you need to evolve your toolbox. It is evident for carpenters to chose the right tool for the proper context. A carpenter seldom uses a knife to saw wooden boards. You can, of course, use a knife, but it will take time, and the result will be poor. A Professional Product Manager also builds a toolbox to use as well as an understanding of when to use the tools.

Dr. Petra Färm shared two of her favorite tools:

  1. Pie Chart Prioritization

  2. Crazy 8
Niklas Rosvall shared his two favorite tools:

  1. Speed Layers

  2. Personas
My best advice to Product People who wants to build a career in Products is to build your toolbox. Here at ProductBeats we have a complete section of Tools, where we share and guide you in your usage - check it out and accelerate your Product Career!