Episode 20
Guest: Harri Pendolin

Episode 20: Executable Product Strategy w/Harri Pendolin

Aug 11 / Magnus Billgren
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Executable Product Strategy
A few years ago, on a late Thursday night, my friend Rikard Steiber (at the time CEO at a new initiative by MTG) shared a post on Facebook. "I just got this Strategy approved by the board! Epic times ahead," and he added a link to the Strategy. Richard is not stupid, but why did he share the confidential Strategy to everyone? I was amazed and intrigued.

So next time we met, I asked, "WHY?"

"I wanted everyone to know and read the Strategy! Employees, suppliers, potential partners, clients, employees to be, well all the stakeholders! A secret strategy will only collect dust. It shall work, it shall be used, it shall be executed!"

The conversation changed my perspective on strategies. The success of a Strategy is not in the content but in the execution of it.

Harri Pendolin, a Finnish Product Hero, shared his thoughts on creating an executable product strategy. One of his most crucial reflections is that we need to think about the strategy's execution as we create it! Attached is the presentation and the graphical recording from the session.

In our toolbox, there are two relevant tools to enhance the execution of your Strategy:

  1. Strategy Creation Framework

  2. Speed Layers