Episode 8
Guest: Thomas Nordén

Episode 8: Sales and Product w/Thomas Nordén

May 12 / Magnus Billgren
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Sales and Product
Thomas shared the love on a beautiful morning the 12th of May. When product people complain about sales it is often because they haven't done their job!

Thomas shared four key activities to get your sales to love your product:

1) Get you story straight

The sales and marketing teams need value logic in your product story. They must see and understand the logic in the product. You can use the Value Tree tool from Tolpagorni to make it happen.

2) Do a Competitive Lab

Set up a Lab where the sales team can try your product and teh competitors product. Create User Journeys so they can feel the difference and experience the value of your product.

3) Go on a Date with your Sales rep

Try to get to know your sales team. What are their challenges? How do they feel about the job? Get under the skin and find out how you can help them deliver a better job?

4) Find an Ambassador

Identify someone in the salesteam that can act as an amabassador. INvest time in resources in her/him to secure success!